I adore you..
If today i die, i will be at peace because i have known my soul mate and have understood the true meaning of love.






Don’t declaw your cat

Seriously tho, declawing your cat is basically mutilation, and its is a procedure that it never done for the sake of the animal.

(tl;dr: at the bottom)

Declawing is a serious surgical amputation that some vets even opt out…

We got our two cats declawed and they’re just the same. It was the only option we had in order to keep them a part of our little family. I struggled with the idea for a long time and eventually made the decision to be able to keep my two wonderful cats until they die of old age. I couldn’t bear losing them and I wouldn’t have been able to keep them unless we got them declawed because we had to move away and in with someone who wouldn’t let us keep them unless they were declawed. After a couple weeks of healing they were back to normal. And they run around and play just like they used to. I’m not saying it’s a good thing that they’re declawed, but they are still mine and they still love me and they’re healthy. When it’s the only option you have to keep something you love so dearly, you’ll take that chance. I bawled at the thought of getting rid of them, I was heartbroken when the mere mention of giving them up was announced. So I’m not saying it’s right but you shouldn’t post things like this and make others feel guilty for their decisions. I felt guilty about it for awhile but I know my cats love me and I know that they know I love them.

I personally don’t care about your sob story. I don’t really care what your reasoning was behind declawing your cats, you’re not going to change my stance on this just because poor little you would have been heartbroken.

I will post stuff like this if I please because it is medical fact. Declawing is a dangerous, and cruel procedure that is never ever done for the benefit of the cat. This post isn’t meant to make others feel ~guilty~ it’s meant to inform. If you personally feel guilty, then that’s not really my problem. 

You don’t have to be an arrogant ass about it. If you’re going to post something like this and expect everyone to agree with you then I’m sorry. But saying that someone shouldn’t own a cat if they get them declawed is fucking bullshit. Saying that I shouldn’t have the right to own a cat because in the future I might have to get them declawed in order to continue to give them the love and life they deserve is bullshit. I take care of my cats. I rescued one of my cats and brought the other into our loving home when his owner couldn’t keep him any more. His biggest issue are his respiratory problems not the fact that I got him declawed. So yeah, I think I have a right to say something about it.




I feel like the Mormons should work at Monsters Inc. but instead of scaring people they just try to convert them. 





I just showed this to my Mormon friend who’s about to leave on her mission and she’s crying from laughing so hard.

Mormon’s Inc.